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Construction of passive and energy-efficient houses

Construction of passive and energy-efficient houses with

Nowadays, when environmental protection is becoming more and more important, the demand for ecological solutions is also growing in the construction industry. Passive and energy-saving houses are becoming more and more popular, which are not only innovative, but also the key to energy savings and care for our natural environment., as a leading supplier of ecological construction solutions, offers comprehensive services in the construction of passive and energy-efficient houses.

CONSTRUCTION OF PASSIVE AND ENERGY-SAVING HOUSES WITH BUILDCOMPANY.PL, as an experienced contractor of passive houses, guarantees high quality of project implementation. Each house is individually designed and tailored to the client's needs, taking into account both functional and aesthetic aspects. The company cooperates with experienced architects and engineers who have deep knowledge of the design of energy-efficient buildings. Thanks to this, is able to provide innovative and sustainable solutions that meet the highest ecological standards.

Another important aspect of building passive houses is the use of recycled materials. actively searches for and uses ecological materials, such as wood from certified crops, recycled insulation materials and other recycled components. The use of these materials contributes to reducing the negative impact of construction on the environment and reducing CO2 emissions. strives to minimize waste and optimally use natural resources to build ecological and sustainable houses.

Construction of passive houses
Construction of passive houses
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The passive and energy-efficient house offered by not only contributes to environmental protection, but also creates healthy and comfortable living conditions for their inhabitants. Thanks to carefully selected materials and advanced technologies, these houses provide excellent thermal insulation, which translates into a stable temperature inside the building all year round. High air quality, free from pollutants and allergens, is achieved thanks to the ventilation system with heat recovery, which constantly supplies fresh air to the interior. is not only a contractor of passive and energy-efficient houses, but also an advisor and partner for clients who want to realize their ecological dreams. The company offers professional support at every stage of the project, from consultation and design, through construction, to final implementation. An individual approach, flexibility and high quality of services are's priorities.

Passive house

  1. Construction: A passive house is designed to minimize energy losses and use natural sources of heat and light.
  2. Thermal insulation: It has highly efficient thermal insulation that minimizes heat loss through walls, roof and floors.
  3. Windows and doors: Uses energy-saving windows and doors that reduce heat loss and enable efficient use of natural lighting.
  4. Ventilation: It is equipped with a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery, which provides fresh air while maintaining high air quality inside the building.
  5. Energy savings: Passive houses are characterized by significant energy savings, which translates into lower energy bills.
  6. Thermal comfort: Ensures a stable temperature inside the building all year round thanks to excellent thermal insulation.
  7. Air quality: Thanks to the heat recovery ventilation system, it maintains high air quality, eliminating pollutants and allergens.
  8. Eco-friendliness: Passive houses are more environmentally friendly because they minimize energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.
  9. Market value: Passive houses enjoy a high market value due to their energy efficiency and ecological approach to construction.

energy-saving house

  1. Construction: An energy-efficient house also aims to minimize energy losses, but may not achieve the same level of energy efficiency as a passive house.
  2. Thermal insulation: It has good quality thermal insulation, which limits heat loss and improves energy efficiency.
  3. Windows and doors: Uses energy-saving windows and doors that reduce heat loss and improve insulation.
  4. Ventilation: Can be equipped with a mechanical ventilation system, but not necessarily with heat recovery.
  5. Energy savings: Energy-efficient houses also generate energy savings, although not necessarily at the same level as passive houses.
  6. Thermal comfort: Energy-efficient houses, thanks to good thermal insulation, provide comfortable conditions inside the building, although not necessarily at the same level of temperature stability as passive houses.
  7. Air quality: Depending on the ventilation system used, energy-efficient houses may offer good indoor air quality, but not necessarily at the same level as passive houses with heat recovery.
  8. Eco-friendliness: Energy-efficient houses, although less advanced in terms of energy savings than passive houses, still have a lower negative impact on the environment than traditional houses.
  9. Market value: Energy-efficient homes are also enjoying increasing popularity in the market due to their energy efficiency and environmental awareness.

Why is it worth building passive houses or energy-efficient houses with

Recycled materials

We use recycled materials to protect the natural environment. We provide the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Individual approach

Each project is unique to us, which is why we undertake even the most difficult challenges

Timely actions

We meet the agreed deadlines so that your passive house, energy-efficient house is ready on time. would like to invite you to discover an amazing world where your home becomes a place where harmony, comfort and economy combine into a perfect symbiosis.

We assure you that by choosing our company, which is a brand of Voltex Invest Sp. z o. o. you will enter the path of transformation that will change your life. Our innovative approach to passive construction allows us to create a house for you that will not only provide optimal thermal insulation and ventilation, but also reflect your unique preferences and dreams.

Now feel your touch immersed in the pleasant warmth of the wood that surrounds the interior of your new home. Imagine how a wonderful kitchen filled with the aromas of your favorite dishes stimulates your senses of taste. Feel the pleasant cooling of the air during hot summer days, when your body finds relief in a pleasant temperature. Your eyes will be amazed by the beauty of natural light that penetrates through the unique, energy-saving windows. You will hear the quiet whisper of nature surrounded by peace and quiet.

Thanks to our advanced construction technologies, time takes on a new dimension. You will feel minutes turn into seconds as you anxiously await the completion of your new dream home. By using our reliable techniques, we ensure that time is on your side, speeding up the construction process.

We are leaders in the passive house industry and our qualified experts will be happy to guide you through every step of this fascinating process. Together we create a work that will last for many years, providing you with energy savings, thermal comfort and unrivaled aesthetic experiences.

Don't wait any longer! Give us a chance to make your dreams of a perfect home come true. Contact us today by phone or visit our website blog. Together we will build a house that will not only meet your expectations, but will exceed all limits.

Place your order and open the door to a new space that will bring unique harmony to your life.

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